MAD 100

(Monthly Allerston Draw with 100 tickets)

The Village Hall Committee have finally gone mad. In an attempt to raise funds for the village hall improvements, mainly new toilets, we are launching a new monthly draw.

It will work like this.

Once a year we will sell 100 tickets*. Every month, each ticket will be entered into a draw. Tickets will be £25 each, and every month there will be two prizes of £25, and a top prize of £50. The top prize in the December draw will be £250

The draw will take place at the Cayley Arms on the first Saturday in the month at 8.00pm. First draw is 5th May. Ticket sales close on 30th April.

Why wouldn’t you?

It’s only £25 a YEAR. That’s not even 50p a week. It won’t even buy a cheese twist from Lidl.

You have a better than one in three chance of winning. Odds of a £10 win on the lottery are 1 in 96

You are helping the village to improve community facilities.

Someone from the village hall committee will call on you in the next few weeks. Go on, buy a ticket, it will be fun. You can buy two. Double the fun.

If you miss us when we call, Ring Geoff 859951 and he’ll be round like a shot.

*If ticket sales are substantially below or above 100, the prizes will be adjusted accordingly.