Agenda Allerston & Wilton Parish Council meeting Thursday 1st September 2022 (Wilton)


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Agenda for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 1st September 2022 at 7.30pm at Wilton Village Hall.


1.   Welcome to all

2.   To receive apologies for absence

3.   Open forum

4.   Declaration of Interests

5.   To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 7th July 2022

6.   To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary

6.1 Highway’s information.

6.2 VAS information and Speedwatch  

6.3 Proposed devolution deal announcement

7.   Planning applications received to discuss.
7.1 22/00881/HOUSE – Erection of single-storey extension to rear elevation and erection of a detached double garage

8.   Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

8.1 22/00533/HOUSE Formation of additional off road parking by the removal of boundary wall to make a driveway

9.   Planning decisions received
9.1 None

10.  Finance
10.1   Finance report July/August 2022 including payments and receipts
10.2   Appointment of external auditor
10.3   Water receipts

11. Wilton report

11.1       Coulby Lane

11.2       Water leak on Cawcliffe Lane

12. Allerston Water

12.1       Water consumption

12.2       Electric supply

12.3       Water inspection

12.4       Insurance Claim

12.5       Stop tap covers at Westbrook and the Chapel are broken

12.6       Church Lane water supply

13. Allerston Report

13.1       Yellow lines

13.2       Mirrors for Toc Lane

13.3       Allotment request update

13.4       Tree planting at Forest gate

13.5       Footpath to the Hideout

13.6       Proposed Jubilee Garden

13.7       Brook Garth’s land registry application

13.8       Allerston to Wilton footpath

14. Chair/ Councillors reports

14.1       Community MAPS Meeting

15. Clerks Information

15.1       Policies

15.2       Councillors Discussion Forums

15.3       Councillors Contact Details



16. To consider new correspondence/information received

16.1       20’s Plenty campaign

16.2       Buddy Benches

16.3       Rural Community Grants

16.4       Green Dog Walkers Scheme

16.5       Meeting with North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 3rd November at Allerston Village Hall



Dates of future meetings 2022/2023:

Thursday 12th January 2023 Wilton

Thursday 2nd March 2023 Allerston