Agenda for Allerston & Wilton Parish Council meeting on Thursday 11th January 7:30 pm Wilton Village Hall


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Agenda for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 11th January at 7.30pm at Wilton Village Hall.


1.     Welcome to all

2.     To receive apologies for absence

3.     Open forum

4.     Declaration of Interests

5.     To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 2nd November 2023

6.     To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

6.1 Highways information

6.2 VAS information and Speedwatch

7.     Planning applications received.

7.1 ZE23/O6879/FUL: The Hideout, Weasdale to Partings Farm, Allerston. Erection of 1no. two bedroom detached timber clad holiday cabin with associated decking, access and parking.

8.     Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

8.1 ZE23/O5O42/FUL: Fox Hill, Allerston. Erection of 1no. three-bedroom dwelling with attached two-bedroom annex following demolition of the existing dwelling (revised details to withdrawn application)

8.2 ZE23/O4569/FUL: Warren House Farm, Warren House Road, Allerston. Formation of 10no. crushed stone bases for touring caravans and motorhomes to allow revising of the site to 13no. tents and 10no. caravans/motorhomes

8.3 ZE23/00520/MFUL: Rains Farm, Allerston Lane, Allerston. Erection of 1no. two storey building to be used as a wellness retreat centre, following the removal of existing agricultural building, erection of 1no. parking barn to accommodate 7no. vehicles, erection of 1no. agricultural building for the storage of feed and machinery, erection of 1no. play barn, partial change of use of the existing dwelling to be used for the charity together with erection of a single rear extension and landscaping across the site.

9.     Planning decisions received

9.1 ZE23/O5261/FUL: The Old Sawmill, Allerston. Erection of an extension to existing stables to replace temporary structure to form a hay store and 2no. tack rooms for general storage.

9.2 ZE23/O4419/FUL: Warren House Farm, Warren House Road, Allerston. Erection of a replacement agricultural storage building following demolition of existing agricultural building

10.  Finance

10.1       Finance report November/December 2023 including payments and receipts

10.2       Barclays Business Account

10.3       Financial Ombudsman

11. Wilton report

11.1       Coulby Lane

11.2       Wilton Ings Lane closure

12. Allerston Water

12.1       Water consumption

12.2       Electric supply

13. Allerston Report

13.1       Allotment request update

13.2       Allerston to Wilton footpath

13.3       Manor Close

13.4       Allerston Wildlife Group

14. Chair/Councillors reports

14.1       Community MAPS Meeting

15. Clerks Information

15.1       Proposed dates for meetings in 2024/25

15.1.1   Thursday 2nd May 2024

15.1.2   Thursday 4th July 2024

15.1.3   Thursday 5th September 2024

15.1.4   Thursday 7th November 2024

15.1.5   Thursday 9th January 2025

16. To consider new correspondence/information received

16.1       Household Waste Recycling Centre Consultation

16.2       LED light upgrades


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 7th March 7:30pm at Allerston Village Hall