Draft Minutes Meeting of Allerston & Wilton PC 12th January 2023


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Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 12th January 2023 at Wilton Village Hall at 7:30pm

PRESENT: Cllrs D. Hunter (Chair) K. Stead, G. Blunt, A. Hall, D. Briston, R. Davies and S. Muir. Mrs P. Cox (Clerk and RFO) and Mrs L. Myers

Members of the public: 3 and Cllr. Oxley


1.   Welcome to all Cllr. Hunter welcomed all to the meeting

2.   To receive apologies for absence Cllr. Read and Cllr. Sanderson

3.   Open forum None

4.   Declaration of Interests None

5.   To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 3rd November 2022 Agreed and signed by the Chair.

6.   To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary

6.1 Highway’s information. Several broken street lights in Wilton have been reported. Road condition in Allerston has also been reported and has been swept by RDC. Clerk to report the blocked drain on Church Lane, Allerston and the blocked drain on the corner of the A170/Cliff Lane. Clerk to email RDC to ask if the A170 is going to become a more regular diversion due to the permanent diversion signs that have been placed.

6.2 VAS information and Speedwatch VAS sign currently in Ebberston. Wilton to get it back in February. Speedwatch will start again once weather improves.

7.   Planning applications received to discuss
7.1 22/01257/FUL (Warren House Farm, Allerston) – Change of use of agricultural land to permit the siting of 2no. glamping huts and 8no. tents. Approved by councillors.

8.   Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

8.1 None

9.   Planning decisions received
9.1 22/01071/FUL (North View, 11 Main Street, Allerston) – Change of use of land from     agricultural to additional amenity space, erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension, erection of an oak porch and timber cladding of the existing extension together with the part demolition and rebuilding of the domestic outbuilding with installation of PV panels to both roofslopes. Approved by RDC.
9.2 22/00881/HOUSE (Barn Cottage, Allerston) – Erection of single-storey extension to rear elevation and erection of a detached double garage. Approved by RDC.

9.3 22/00533/HOUSE (Cravengarth, Allerston) - Formation of additional off road parking by the removal of boundary wall to make a driveway. Approved by RDC.

9     Finance
10.1         Finance report November/December 2022 including payments and receipts. All agreed.

10.1               Signatures for banking. Cllr. Briston agreed to become a signatory on the bank.

11     Wilton report
11.1       Cattle down the high street. Cllr. Davies witnessed 30+ being herded down Wilton main street. An elderly resident had a section of wall knocked down and was left very shaken by the incident. The cattle were driven down her driveway 3 times.

11.1               Hollie’s Farm application. Cllr. Davies is concerned that the narrow entrance that leads onto the A170 and adjacent to a school bus stop will be heavily used, The Parish Council did not have the opportunity to comment on this change of use application as Ryedale District Council is under no obligation to divulge the information. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk should contact RDC to ask if the Parish Council can have access to change of use applications in the future.

11.2               Unregistered land adjacent to Coulby Lane. The Parish Council have no issues with the resident cutting down a tree that is potentially dangerous. Cllr. Davies to go speak to them regarding use of the land. The Clerk to contact them and direct them to Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors who will have more information.

12     Allerston Water

12.1               Water consumption. Remaining at a steady rate.

12.2               Electric supply. Remaining at a steady rate.

12.3               Insurance Claim. Not heard anything. Clerk to contact Zurich insurance.

12.4               Power supply to water. Clerk has contacted John Stockdale who has agreed to lend  the Parish Council a generator in the event of a power cut.

13     Allerston Report

13.1               Village Hall water leak. Clerk had contacted Highways who stated the leak was minimal so nothing would be done from their end. The Village Hall was offered a private grit bin for the patrons to use. This was declined by the Village Hall in favour of a larger, communal grit bin. The councillors unanimously agreed this would not be a viable option.

13.2               Yellow lines/Parking. Clerk to contact Highways for a time frame.

13.3               Pavement condition at the top of Main Street. Manor House should maintain the wall. Trees and bushes that don’t need much water could be planted on the bank. Clerk to contact Highways again about pavement condition and to report potentially dangerous trees.

13.4               Mirror for Toc Lane. The mirror has been bought. A pole needs to erected for the mirror to attach too.

13.5               Allotment request update. None. Clerk to contact Land Agent regarding the matter.

13.6               Tree planting at Forest gate. Cllr. Davies has several trees ready to plant. Tree stakes need to be sourced. Cllr. Stead suggested making a bank of soil to deter parking on the newly cleared land. Cllr. Stead and Cllr. Davies will liaise and photographs will be circulated to make residents and public aware. Cllr. Oxley to potentially source tree guards.

13.6.1 Signs for Forest gate. These will be put in place after the trees have been planted.

13.7               Water Gap

13.7.1 Solicitor. Cllr. Hall has contacted the solicitor. Clerk to send all relevant information over with a request that the P.C. apply for ownership of the land.

13.7.2 Hedge. Cllr. Hunter to cut back.

13.7.3 Weed in beck. Cllr. Briston to clear.

13.8               The Hideout. It has been advised by RDC that the lodges are not being used as permanent residency. This is an ongoing investigation.

13.9               Proposed Jubilee Garden and grant. A rural community grant from RDC has been secured. Cllr. Briston stated an Allerston resident also happy to fund another bench for the area.

13.10           Allerston to Wilton footpath. An Allerston resident is currently liaising with the Maps department. He will send the Clerk blank copies of the DMMO form, which will be circulated to the councillors. Clerk to put in the Allerston newsletter if any residents want to fill in a witness statement or anything to support the footpath.

13.11           Salt bin. Has been bought, situated and filled up with grit salt.

14     Chair/ Councillors reports

14.1               Community MAPS Meeting. Lots of travellers around the area leaving rubbish on land. Graffiti in some of the towns. At Kirkbymoorside, 135mph was recorded on the VAS sign through a 30mph zone.

15     Clerks Information

15.1               Councillors Discussion Forums. Clerk has information. To be taken off agenda.

15.2               Proposed dates for meetings in 2023/24

15.2.1 Thursday 4th May 2023 Wilton

15.2.2 Thursday 6th July 2023 Allerston

15.2.3 Thursday 7th September 2023 Wilton

15.2.4 Thursday 2nd November 2023 Allerston

15.2.5 Thursday 11th January 2024 Wilton

15.2.6 Thursday 7th March 2024 Allerston All agreed

16     To consider new correspondence/information received

16.1               Community Remedy Options survey. This has been circulated to the councillors.

16.2               Precept consultation. Open until 16th of January. Circulated to the councillors.

16.3               Village Hall Platinum Grant. Closes on the 20th of January. Has been passed onto Allerston Village Hall Committee.

16.4               Ryedale Plan. Consultation ends on the 21st February regarding the development plan covering Ryedale.

16.5               Meeting with Community Link Officer. Cllr. Davies suggested amalgamating the meeting with either the Wilton or Allerston Parish Meeting in March. Clerk to correspond with Community Link Officer.


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 2nd March at 7:30pm at Allerston Village Hall


Meeting end: 9:20pm


          Dates of future meetings 2023/2024:

Thursday 4th May 2023 Wilton

Thursday 6th July 2023 Allerston

Thursday 7th September 2023 Wilton

Thursday 2nd November 2023 Allerston

Thursday 11th January 2024 Wilton

Thursday 7th March 2024 Allerston