Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston and Wilton PC on Thursday 6th July 2023


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Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm at Allerston Village Hall.

PRESENT: Cllrs D. Hunter (Chair) K. Stead, A. Hall, D. Briston, R. Davies and G. Blunt. Mrs P. Cox (Clerk and RFO) and Mrs L. Myers

Members of the public: 9 and Water Contractor J. Stockdale


1.     Welcome to all Cllr. Hunter welcomed all to the meeting.

2.     To receive apologies for absence Cllr. Muir, Cllr. Read and Cllr. Sanderson

3.     Open forum
Cllr. Davies reported that 2 people have recently been seriously injured on the unofficial bike trail that leads from Warren House Farm to the Forest Gate. The councillors agreed that these people were choosing to do so at their own risk, but the clerk will inform Forestry.

4.     Declaration of Interests None

5.     To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 4th May 2023 All agreed

6.     To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

6.1   Highways information. Clerk to ask for more information and exact location of the road closure at Penniston Lane.

6.2   VAS information and Speedwatch. 84mph was recorded on the A170. VAS sign be recalibrated. Clerk to ask Highways if they could put signage on the road to stop cars from undertaking when turning right into the village.

7.     Planning applications received.

7.1   ZE23/00520/MFUL: Rains Farm, Allerston Lane, Allerston. Erection of 1no. two storey building to be used as a wellness retreat centre, following the removal of existing agricultural building, erection of 1no. parking barn to accommodate 7no. vehicles, erection of 1no. agricultural building for the storage of feed and machinery, erection of 1no. play barn, partial change of use of the existing dwelling to be used for the charity together with erection of a single rear extension and landscaping across the site. Approved by the Parish Council.

7.2   ZE23/00648/FUL: Carr House Farm, Allerston Lane, Allerston. Formation of an additional crushed stone farm access track. Approved by the Parish Council.

7.3   ZE23/OO936/LBC: Manor House, Main Street, Allerston. Internal and external alterations to allow conversion of stables to form 1no. bedroom self contained residential annex to include demolition of sub dividing wall, removal of masonry infill to existing feed holes and creation of first floor door opening onto existing terrace. The clerk will send out full information to the councillors once it has been received.

7.4   ZE23/OO826/FUL: Manor House, Main Street, Allerston. Change of use of stables building to form 1no. bedroom self contained residential annex, erection of timber and glass greenhouse, removal of tarmac drive and replacement with local stone, adjustment to existing entrance gate and stone piers. The clerk will send out full information to the councillors once it has been received.

8.     Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

8.1   ZE23/00447/FUL: Foxhill Boarding Kennels, Fox Hill, Allerston. Erection of 1no. two bedroom semi-detached dwelling and 1no. four bedroom semi-detached dwelling following demolition of existing bungalow. The application has been withdrawn.

9.     Planning decisions received

9.1   None received


10.  Finance

10.1         Finance report May/June 2023 including payments and receipts. All approved.

10.2         Signatures for banking. Cllr. Briston now has all the information to become a signatory and will contact them in the coming weeks.

11. Wilton report

11.1         Dog Waste. The Clerk has put signs up throughout the village. There have been no other reports of dog waste left on footpaths and grass.

12. Allerston Water

12.1         Water consumption. Covered in 12.3

12.2         Electric supply. Covered in 12.3

12.3         Water pressure. Mrs. Myers relayed the water report to the councillors and public from the last two months. The contractor stated that he is waiting for 2 parts to be delivered, and when these have been fitted, there should be sufficient water flow for the village. Once this happens, the councillors agreed that the hosepipe ban is to be lifted if the water usage remains stable. Mrs. Myers will carry on checking the usage daily up until this point. Several future actions were considered. The councillors and residents agreed it best to cost up these actions and decide what’s best to do once we have all the information.  Mr. Stockdale and Mrs. Myers were thanked for all their work regarding this issue.

12.4         Resolution of water leak . The leak outside the Village Hall and the leak outside Stone Beck/West View have been repaired, which in turn have increased the water pressure.

12.5         Water test results. Nitrates were slightly higher than usual, so our advice regarding no drinking water for babies under 6 months old remains. The Clerk will include this in the newsletter.

13. Allerston Report

13.1         Yellow lines. The proposed amendment order has been sent out to the public.

13.2         Allotment request update. The site has been surveyed. The application is still slowly moving ahead.

13.3         Tree planting at Forest Gate. The trees at the Forest Gate have been watered and strimmed around by Cllr. Davies. He will continue to strim a ring around the trees and leave a thick strip of vegetation between the path and the trees in order to encourage biodiversity and discourage people parking on the verge.  

13.3.1   Management Plan. The current signage seems sufficient and Cllr. Davies is happy to continue strimming and watering. If cars start parking on the verge, creating a ditch will be considered.  

13.4         Water Gap.

13.4.1   Solicitor. The Parish Council are now in possession of a caution against first registration.

13.4.2   Management Plan. Cllr. Davies arranged a meeting regarding management of the Water Gap with several residents. After reading these notes out, it was agreed that another meeting needs to be arranged to give the whole village the option to discuss a management plan for the Water Gap. This will be arranged by the Clerk. The current agreed management plan is to continue until this meeting. It was also agreed that a sign should be erected to deter vehicular access to the Water Gap. The Clerk is to look into this.

13.4.3   Bench donation. 2 residents have donated a bench that has now been placed at the Water Gap. The Clerk is to write a thank you note from the Parish Council.

13.5         Allerston to Wilton footpath. The Clerk is to write to all landowners to inform them of the application to reinstate the footpath.

13.5.1   Letter regarding footpath. The Chairman and councillors have received a letter from a landowner regarding the Allerston to Wilton footpath which described the campaign as unofficial. The footpath is in existence and very much official. It is not on the current definitive map but we have over 50 people requesting it be put on. The Clerk is to respond to the letter.

13.6         Moss on grass on the Village Hall Green. The grass seems to be growing over some of the areas of moss now and is on the way to resolving itself.

13.7         Parking on the Village Hall Green. The Clerk is to write to the resident who consistently parks on the Village Hall Green and ask them to park on their own driveway or on the street.

13.8         Caravan at Miller’s Retreat. The councillors received several reports of someone living in a caravan at Miller’s Retreat. The concern was that the caravan was using Allerston water supply, which would make the supply a residential one instead of a paddock one. The Clerk wrote a letter to the landowner, who responded and denied the claims. The councillors agreed there was nothing they can do currently until we look into the future actions for the water. The Clerk is to respond to the email.

14. Chair/Councillors reports

14.1         Community MAPS Meeting. Graffitiing has been prevalent again throughout Ryedale.

15. Clerks Information

15.1         Ryedale Branch Meeting. The Clerk attended the meeting and stated key points that were discussed.

15.2         Data breach. The Clerk reported herself to the ICO for a potential data breach regarding an email sent out. The ICO were satisfied that nothing further could have been done, and the case is closed.

15.3         Clerk salary. Discussed at the end of the meeting.

16. To consider new correspondence/information received

16.1         Meeting with Assistant Chief Constable. The Clerk forwarded the email prior to the meeting which included all the meeting information.

16.2         YLCA Joint Annual Meeting 2023. The Clerk is unable to attend due to being away.

16.3         Review and renewal of NYCs subsidised bus service. The Clerk is to forward the email and details of this to the councillors.


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 7th September at 7:30pm at Wilton Village Hall



Dates of future meetings 2023/2024:

Thursday 2nd November 2023 – Allerston Village Hall

Thursday 11th January 2024 – Wilton Village Hall

Thursday 7th March 2024 – Allerston Village Hall



Meeting closed: 9:17pm