Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm at Allerston Village Hall


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Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm at Allerston Village Hall

PRESENT:  Cllrs. D. Hunter (Chair) K. Stead, A. Hall, D. Briston, C. Read and G. Blunt. Mrs. P. Cox (Clerk and RFO)
Members of the public: 9 and Cllr. Sanderson


1.     Welcome to all

2.     To receive apologies for absence Cllr. Muir and Cllr. Davies

3.     Open forum
Entrance to Manor House on the A170 is very hidden and sharp – Clerk to contact NYC if they can install a concealed entrance sign.
Trees on the roadside at the top of Allerston need cutting back to make visibility better – Clerk to contact Highways.
A resident would like it brought to the villager’s attention that Allerston Wildlife Group is being set up. More information will be available in time.

4.     Declaration of Interests None

5.     To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 7th September 2023. Approved and signed by the Chair.

6.     To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

6.1   Highways information. Blocked drain in Allerston reported. Coulby Lane in Wilton also reported. A response was received by NYC regarding vehicles undertaking others turning right into the village; they reported there was nothing they can do on their part and cars need to exercise patience.

6.2   VAS information and Speedwatch. VAS sign picked up a vehicle driving 77mph on the A170.

7.     Planning applications received.

7.1   ZE23/O5261/FUL: The Old Sawmill, Allerston. Erection of an extension to existing stables to replace temporary structure to form a hay store and 2no. tack rooms for general storage. Approved by the Parish Council.

7.2   ZE23/O5O42/FUL: Fox Hill, Allerston. Erection of 1no. three-bedroom dwelling with attached two-bedroom annex following demolition of the existing dwelling (revised details to withdrawn application)  Approved by the Parish Council.

7.3   ZE23/O4569/FUL: Warren House Farm, Warren House Road, Allerston. Formation of 10no. crushed stone bases for touring caravans and motorhomes to allow revising of the site to 13no. tents and 10no. caravans/motorhomes. Approved by the Parish Council.

7.4   ZE23/O4419/FUL: Warren House Farm, Warren House Road, Allerston. Erection of a replacement agricultural storage building following demolition of existing agricultural building. Approved by the Parish Council.

8.     Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

8.1   ZE23/00520/MFUL: Rains Farm, Allerston Lane, Allerston. Erection of 1no. two storey building to be used as a wellness retreat centre, following the removal of existing agricultural building, erection of 1no. parking barn to accommodate 7no. vehicles, erection of 1no. agricultural building for the storage of feed and machinery, erection of 1no. play barn, partial change of use of the existing dwelling to be used for the charity together with erection of a single rear extension and landscaping across the site.

9.     Planning decisions received

9.1   None

10.    Finance

10.1Finance report September/October 2023 including payments and receipts. All approved.

10.2Budget 2024/2025. Please see 10.2.1.

10.2.1     Recharging for by-elections. The councillors unanimously agreed to add another £1000 to the precept due to costs that could arise from a by-election. This was signed off by the Clerk.

10.3Signatures for banking. The Clerk is to send these into Barclays once the account type has changed over.

10.4Barclays Business Account. This was discussed in a closed meeting.

11.   Wilton report

11.1Coulby Lane

12.   Allerston Water

12.1Water consumption. Slightly lower than last months due to the weather.

12.2Electric supply. Slightly lower than last month.

12.3Water sampling results. Nitrate levels are still slightly elevated. This is to be monitored over the coming years.

13.   Allerston Report

13.1Yellow lines. Have now been completed throughout the village.

13.2Allotment request update. Cllr. Sanderson will chase this up.  

13.3Water Gap

13.3.1     Questionnaire. The councillors agreed for the questionnaire to be disregarded and the land is to be maintained by the surrounding residents and villagers. The Water Gap is to carry on being a land for Allerston residents to enjoy.

13.4Allerston to Wilton footpath

13.4.1     The Genealogist subscription. The Councillors agreed to pay for 4 months membership of The Genealogist for Mr. McCall to carry out research to collect more historic evidence for the footpath.

13.5Manor Close driveway. The Clerk read out an email from a resident at Manor House stating that unless they receive a modest contribution towards the resurfacing of the driveway, they will insist that all parking on the Village Hall green ceases immediately. The councillors unanimously agreed to not contribute to the resurfacing of the driveway, as to do so would create a precedent, and the land is not the Parish Councils to maintain. It was stated that the users of the Village Hall are particularly upset with the comment, as they can and do access the green without needing to drive over the driveway.

13.6Mole hills on Village Hall Green. The situation is to be monitored, but the moles are to be left alone for the time being.

14.   Chair/Councillors reports

14.1Community MAPS Meeting. Mathewsons parking is particularly bad around the industrial estate on auctions days. Thefts are happening around the area.

15.   Clerks Information

15.1YLCA Ryedale Branch Meeting. The Clerk attended this meeting and spoke to the councillors about the push for a net-zero region, with a focus of adding more solar panels and wind farms in the area.

15.2Scam and fraud awareness meeting. Details of this are on both noticeboards.

16.   To consider new correspondence/information received

16.1Citizen’s Advice. Citizen’s Advice are a charity that tackle isolation, anxiety, health and security. They have outreach advice in Pickering, Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside. The Clerk will put the details in the noticeboards.

16.2Housing strategy consultation. The Clerk will put the information in the PC newsletter.

16.3Free tree initiative. The Clerk will put the information in the PC newsletter

17.   17.1 Missed out of September 2023’s minutes:
It was noted that Mrs. Myers would be sorely missed after more than 12 years as Allerston and Wilton Parish Clerk. The Councillors thanked her profusely for continuous hard work and support and wish her well in the future.




Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 11th January 7:30pm at Wilton Village Hall



Dates of future meetings 2023/2024:

Thursday 7th March 2024 – Allerston Village Hall