Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 4th May 2023


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Minutes for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 4th May 2023 at Wilton Village Hall at 7:30pm

PRESENT: Cllrs D. Hunter (Chair) K. Stead, A. Hall, D. Briston, R. Davies and S. Muir. Mrs P. Cox (Clerk and RFO) and Mrs L. Myers

Members of the public: 3 and Cllr. Sanderson


1.     Welcome to all Cllr. Hunter welcomed all to the meeting

2.     Election of Chair Cllr. Davies was proposed by Cllr. Muir. Cllr. Hall proposed Cllr. Hunter. Cllr. Stead seconded. Cllr. Hunter was elected on a vote of 3 votes to 1.

3.     To receive apologies for absence Cllr. Read and Cllr. Blunt

4.     Open forum
Cllr. Stead asked if he was able to add a silt net to the cleared drains on the A170 near Turgate Farm, as they will eventually become clogged. Clerk to ask Highways to clear the drains at the same location

5.     Declaration of Interests None

6.     To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 2nd March 2023 All agreed

7.     Attendance at Meetings

·       Thornton Dale Parishes – Clerk and Mrs. Myers to attend

·       Community and Police – Ceased

·       Southern Area Parish Forum – Due to a very small number of Parish residents living in the area, it was decided that no-one will attend

·       Parish Liaison – None

·       Yorkshire Local Councils Association – Clerk

·       MAPS – Cllr. Blunt

8.     To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary

8.1   Highways information Pot holes have been filled in on Church Lane and Toc Lane in Allerston

8.2   VAS information and Speedwatch VAS is currently in Ebberston and Speedwatch is in Allerston on a weekly basis. Clerk to contact VAS manufacturer to recalibrate.

9.     Planning applications received.

9.1   None received

10. Planning applications waiting a decision.

10.1None received

11. Planning decisions received

11.123/00029/FUL (Givendale Head Farm, Malton Cote Road) – Change of use and alteration of an agricultural building to a three bedroom self-contained residential annex with 2no. parking spaces. Approved by North Yorkshire Council

11.223/00033/HOUSE (Brookside, Main Street, Allerston) – Erection of a single storey rear extension and replacement porch to be rendered in cream render and new pantiled roof following demolition of existing conservatory and porch. Approved by North Yorkshire Council

12.  Finance

12.1Confirmation of Auditor. James Ingham has audited all 2022/23 finances.

12.2To certify the Parish Council as exempt from external audit for fiscal year 2022/23 on page 3 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23. All approved.

12.3To note the Annual Internal Audit Report for 2022/23 included at page 4 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23. All noted.

12.4To approve Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2022/23 for the Parish Council on page 5 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23. All approved.

12.5To approve Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2022/23 for the Parish Council on page 6 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23. All approved.

12.6To approve the publication of documents required by Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015 and the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. All approved.

12.7Finance report March/April 2023 including payments and receipts. All approved.

12.8Signatures for banking. Clerk to contact Barclays before Cllr. Briston can apply to become a signatory.

12.9Zurich Insurance Premium. The 2023/24 insurance premium has risen from last year. Clerk to shop around for a better price. Councillors are happy to go ahead with the quote if can’t find cheaper elsewhere.

12.10     Thanks received for donations. Allerston Methodist Chapel and St. George’s Church in Wilton have thanked the council for their donations.

13. Wilton report

13.1Dog waste. Clerk has requested and received signs and will put them up as soon as possible.

14. Allerston Water

14.1Water consumption. Slightly lower than last month.

14.2Electric supply. Slightly lower than last months

15. Allerston Report

15.1Yellow lines/parking. No further updates. Cllr. Sanderson informed the councillors there is a delay due to the new Unitary Authority. No updates.

15.2Mirror for Toc Lane. Installed and working well.

15.3Allotment request update. Update due soon.

15.4Forest Gate Management Plan. Signs have been moved to protect the newly planted trees, but there needs to be a long term plan that offers protection. Cllr. Davies is happy to take responsibility for the trees and strim regularly. Signage needs to be considered to dissuade overnight camping and to inform the public that the community planted the trees. Cllr. Davies to find out about costing.

15.5Water Gap. A letter has been received by the Parish Council from the new owners of Brook Garth who wish to maintain the hedge between their land and the Water Gap themselves. They also expressed the importance of conservation and how they wish to plant a small woodland and sow wildflowers in their field. The councillors welcome the affirmation and were only maintaining the hedge because the previous Brook Garth owners weren’t. Cllr. Davies is to speak to the owner’s face to face and the Clerk is to send a reply with the councillors’ response.

15.5.1   Tree planting. Residents have asked if they can plant shrubs and erect signs. A similar scheme happened in Thornton Dale and there were several issues. The councillors are happy for residents to sponsor trees and provide a small plaque describing when the tree was planted and why.

15.5.2   Solicitor. The Clerk has confirmed with the Solicitor that the Parish Council does want to register a caution against first registration with Land Registry and is waiting to hear back from them.

15.5.3   Hedge. Has been cut by Cllr. Hunter.

15.5.4   Weed in the beck. Cllr. Briston, Cllr. Blunt, Caroline Blunt, Chris Myers, Lesley Myers and John Hesp have cleared the beck running through the Water Gap of weeds, totalling 2 trailers full. Cllr. Stead removed the weeds for disposal.

15.5.5   Management Plan. Cllr. Davies requested a detailed map of the Water Gap and will produce a management plan to maintain the area.

15.6Proposed Jubilee Garden. The councillors agree to plant some bulbs in the Autumn, along with two alder trees, using the grant money.

15.7Allerston to Wilton footpath. A resident has photographed the route and detailed it thoroughly on the map. Over 20 DMMO forms have now been sent in via the Parish Council, with several sent privately too. The focus now needs to be on people who have walked the path in the past.

16. Chair/Councillors reports

16.1Community MAPS Meeting. Cllr. Blunt informed the Clerk before the meeting that there was nothing new to report.

17. Clerks Information

17.1Thornton Dale Ward Meeting. Clerk and Mrs. Myers attended. Very useful and helpful to be able to discuss issues with villages facing similar problems.

17.2Clerk Pay. Discussed in a closed meeting. Clerk to now pay herself monthly. Clerk’s pay and Mrs. Myers consultancy fee were both approved unanimously.

17.3Great British Spring Clean 2023. 4 bags of rubbish was collected around Wilton by the Clerk.

17.4Maps. An Allerston resident has created detailed maps of both villages to help visitors and delivery drivers find houses easier. These are on the village noticeboards.

18. To consider new correspondence/information received

18.1Consultation on Infrastructure Levy. This has been forwarded to the councillors.

18.2NYPFCC Online Public Meeting. The has been forwarded to the councilors. The online public meetings will be relaunched separately for North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. The public are invited to watch these live.

18.3North Yorkshire Police Public Messaging. The Clerk handed round leaflets for the Police messaging scheme and will put them in the village noticeboards.


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 6th July 2023 at 7:30pm at Allerston Village Hall


Dates of future meetings 2023/2024:

Thursday 7th September 2023 – Wilton Village Hall

Thursday 2nd November 2023 – Allerston Village Hall

Thursday 11th January 2024 – Wilton Village Hall

Thursday 7th March 2024 – Allerston Village Hall


Meeting closed at 9:05pm