Parish council agenda 4th November 2021


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Agenda for the Meeting of Allerston & Wilton Parish Council on Thursday 4th November 2021 at 7.30pm at Allerston Village Hall.


1.   Welcome to all

2.   Election of Chair – requested by Cllr Davies.

3.   To receive apologies for absence

4.   Open forum.

5.   Declaration of Interests

6.   To consider the Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 2nd September 2021 and 14th October  2021 planning meeting.

7.   To receive information on ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary

7.1 Highway’s information.

7.2 VAS information

7.3 Section 154 of the Highways Act.

7.4 Grass cutting


8.   Planning applications received to discuss.

8.1 NYM/2021/0822/FL proposed art installation with associated accessible path and ground mounted solar array near Cross Cliff Car Park.

8.2 21/01437/HOUSE Installation of air source heat pump at rear of main dwelling. Farm View Main Street Allerston YO18 7PG

9.   Planning applications waiting a decision from Ryedale District Council

9.1 21/01252/FUL Change of use of Agricultural building to joiners’ workshop - land at Malton Lane Allerston. YO18 7PG – agreed by Parish Council with conditions.

10. Planning decisions received

10.1       21/01158/HOUSE Rhodelands Main Street, Allerston YO18 7PG Erection of detached timber storage shed on site of demolished garden shed and erection of a timber outbuilding to form a home/hobby workshop. Approved by RDC.


11. Finance

11.1       Finance report September/October 2021 including payments and receipts.

11.2       VAT claim.

11.3       Budget 2022/2023 to agree.


12. Wilton report

12.1       Wilton footpath

12.2       Coulby Lane


13. Allerston Water

13.1       Water consumption

13.2       Electric supply.

13.3       Insurance Claim

13.4       Environment Agency consultation.

13.5       Connection to Cliff Edge across Main Street.


14. Allerston Report

14.1       Pavement condition top of Main Street.(covered in 6.1)

14.2       Water on pavement at the Village Hall (covered by 6.1)

14.3       Weed in beck at bottom of Main Street.

14.4       Parking on blind bends including outside the Court.

14.5       Allotment request responses

14.6       Dog Bin back Lane


15. Chair/ Councillors reports

Feedback Thornton dale Parishes meeting. Including speed signs advice.



16. Clerks Information

16.1       Clerk/Councillors responses to election.

16.2       Clerk application withdrawal.


17. To consider new correspondence/information received

17.1       Civil enforcement officers

17.2       Citizens Advice

17.3       20,s plenty campaign.

17.4       NYCC briefings for Councillors.

17.5       Free trees for planting projects


Date and venue of the next Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 13th January 2021

at Wilton Village Hall


Dates of future meetings

3rd March Allerston