Support during the Covid Epidemic - 29 March 2020 Issue 2

Below is some brief detail of the support available in Allerston and Wilton during the Covid 19 epidemic:

CORVID 19 COMMUNITY SUPPORT FOR ALLERSTON. Those who are most vulnerable and are self isolating and considered to needing the most support in Allerston should have received a card through their door wb. 23 March offering help.

All the Councillors and a number of people in the village have come forward to offer to help, so if you do need shopping or prescriptions or anything, just get in touch. Geoff Bogg is co-ordinating. He can be contacted on:
01723 859951
0754 555 4088

Geoff Bogg is co-ordinating. For more detail please follow the link.

The Wilton Parish Councillors are willing to coordinate support for any parishioners who might need assistance as the viral pandemic progresses. If you know of anyone in the parish that needs help because of problems arising from the restrictions ordered by the government to help contain the outbreak then please let one of us know and we will see what we can do.

If we work together as a community and look out for each other then we are sure that we will get through this unprecedented crisis. Contact details are below:

Cllr Richard Davies 01751 475661 and  07715414987
Cllr John Dunning 01751 476709
Cllr Mike Hargreaves 01751 474482.

For more detail please follow the link.