The Councillors would like to respond to the information provided to the village by Richard Shepherd


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The Councillors would like to respond to the information provided to the village by Richard Shepherd.


Use of Parish Council reserves

The Parish Council has £1000 in reserves. The water has over £50,000. It would be negligent and illegal for the Council to use the water reserve for anything other than water. A burst on the water main could cost about £10,000 or more. The water tank and spring site are over 30 years old and to renew either would cost over £40,000.

Minor repairs to service pipes cost £3,000 - £5,000. One renewal will hopefully be completed later this year. There is a risk assessment due in the next year so we do not know what improvements Environmental health will require. To keep Allerston water it requires a program of renewals.


Contact with Councillors

Most Councillors are around the village and available for any resident to talk to at any time. The Clerk is also available. Details are on notice board on Toc Lane and in the Allerston newsletter.  


The Councillors would like clarity on where the Common land is.


Wilton footpath

Mr Shepherd was asked to obtain an estimate for this when he was clerk. The Councillors did not consider accepting this estimate. The Councillors are trying to get Highways to do this work.


Parish Clerk Role

As the previous clerk I attempted to support Mr Shepherd in the role. I had to complete the VAT return and amend all the water accounts, so it was ready for him to print. I also paid his wages and filled in the HMRC paperwork when requested in fact I had to insist he was paid before March 31st (the end of the financial year.) I also spend hours going through things with him as did the Chair.

The records were returned in June. The payments and receipts had not been recorded. There was no spreadsheet for 2021-2022. All the water payments needed recording. In the opinion of the Councillors and myself it was not a smooth handover. The records were left in my garage with no personal contact with Mrs Myers.

The Clerk is responsible for all payments including their own salary. Several payments were made late or not paid as I received final warnings when I took over. The clerk responsible for completing the audit and submitting it. I had to amend the audit to make sure it would be accepted by the external auditors.

Mr Shepherd was clerk for 5 months and still not competent in the role when he resigned, the Councillors feel that some continuity is required with 2 new Councillors so requested Mrs Myers return.


If anyone feels the need to discuss any of these points, please contact the Clerk or a Councillor or attend the meeting on 4th November Allerston Village Hall. 7.30pm